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I’m Andrew Garrihy, and for over three decades, I’ve navigated the dynamic world of global marketing as a seasoned CMO & executive leader. Now, I’m thrilled to extend a hand to fellow marketers, CMOs & CEO’s. 

I will help you amplify your impact and elevate your success.

The CMO Coach isn’t your traditional marketing education service; it’s a transformative coaching, mentoring & consulting platform tailored for seasoned marketers and aspiring CMOs navigating the challenges of senior leadership and C-suite positions.

Just as elite athletes rely on coaches and mentors to reach their peak performance, I believe that marketers deserve the same level of support and guidance.

I offer practical strategies, actionable insights, executive coaching and unwavering support to help you overcome challenges, boost confidence, and accelerate success, ultimately becoming a true master of marketing.

At this level it’s not just about the marketing and so I will help you to elevate the leadership, communication, resilience, and negotiation skills that are essential for success at the executive level. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope to be working with you soon.


Big thanks to these amazing people for your kind words and for everything you taught me. Such a privilege to have worked with you.

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